NF Apollo

Apollo was the self-appointed bearer of truth, and he undertook the task of interpreting for men the will of his father, Zeus. Apollo symbolizes the duality of the Hellenic spirit: the urge to ideals, to truth, to beauty, to spirituality and sacredness, and the accompanying desire to plumb the profane, the ugly, the corrupt, and the fleshly. He stood for the Grecian ideal of purity of spirit, of dedication to helping others, of the bringer of therapeutic music and song. He represented the healer of mind and body. He was the giver of prophecy, spokesman for the gods, the inspirer and the inspirational, the divine and the incorruptible. The primitive and violent side of Apollo only erupted when he was frustrated in his efforts to bring peace and happiness to man. Within Apollo the sense of mission, the cult of the individual, the search for identity existed side by side with untamed lust, the willingness to murder for a cause, the willingness to use priestesses in his rites even at the expense of their sanity and, ultimately, the betrayal of his father, Zeus. In Apollo, side by side, existed the sacred and the profane.
In Apollo the NFs find their prototype. Their hunger is not centered on things but people. They are not content with abstractions; they seek relationships. Their need does not ground to action; it vibrates with interaction. As the NF seeks self actualization in identity and unity, he is aware that this is a life-long process, an ideal toward being and becoming a final, finished self.
The Apollonian Temperament
Please Understand Me - Character and Temperament Types - David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates

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