Zandvoort Woods


  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and the spirituality you have and share with others. I think it's so important to be spiritually prepared. I started a small food storage business that helps us be physically prepared as well. I was wondering if you would put a link to our site from yours, our site is called www.foodstoragedepot.com we are not trying to take any of your traffic from your site to our but merely trying to get google to recognize our site. In exchange for linking to our site we are willing to give away some free food storage to you. If this interests you please email me at taraivers@gmail.com Thanks, Tara

  2. Thankyou Tara for your comment, I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog and I would be willing to link to your site. I'm not sure how the free food storage would work seeing as I live in Amsterdam but maybe you could explain how or why and otherwise donate some to a charity or to homeless people, who I'm sure need it more than me.