inner dialogue

You have to believe that there is more. The future is a mystery, take comfort in that. Even now as you wait and seemingly you have been waiting for a long time, all is as its meant to be. People may come and flaunt their fortune or appear to you better, it is not so, all things are temporary, all things fade away like the sun sets each day. You in your time will prevail and gain only to disarm a fellow human with your success, a rising sun, self respect must remain, this must be what you gain, and a face may glint and shine though the heart within is sour.
I love you more every hour; I love you more every day but even that will fade away, or is love the one thing that remains? At the end it may be my only asset, my only garment, my shrine, the love I have felt for you; this love sublime.
Glad to see my possessions passed on, less is more to me as I grow, to remind me of the futile hoarding, the simple things hold a peace within them, never hurting my pride, never wasting my time. My peers cause me to be restless and sad and come to me restless and sad but why?
Because they have the pretense of life, they are on the stage, in their prime, chasing after those things that cause me to fear for a few seconds and then I smile inside. I am young, I am strong, and I am beautiful. Happy to watch my plants grow, lucky to know all that I know, fortunate to be alive. Disappointment is becoming foreign to me like an unpracticed tongue, like a book I no longer read and so pass on.


  1. i loved this one

  2. im new to this blogging stuf...just strted writing down my feeling,which i dont express othr wis..hope they are good....im a restless soul...when i read your blogs i felt calm...thnx

  3. Hi Angel, thanks for your comments, there is a calm place in us all, we just need to reside there more often.
    If you get a blog I would visit.