december energy

this month you can expect a number of things.

To begin with we will discuss the sensations you will begin to have, mostly energy feelings in and around your chakra's, mostly your crown, you know these but they will be stronger and more distinct.
Then there is the changing of relationships and trust.
But also the continuing of your current flow with calm and bliss filled moments of lasting joy.

So the sensations will be energy codes that contain information, this knowledge goes down to the level of cells, light codes that activate a memory in you of many generations and of the future too, the body will change and evolve using these blasts and waves of light coming in from the sun and central sun. Also contained in these codes is psychic information access to your soul, actually it is more like a reintegration, this will allow you to be stronger and more in-tune with everything around you, quite the lightworker if you do not get destracted by that glamour. You will certainly see more of who you are in a beautiful way.

Then this month will see the disintegration of some relationships, the falling apart or break-up, temporary or otherwise of relationships all around you, this is all ok. Not only love-relationships, also friends, family, any kind of relationship. Do not be concerned only honest and accepting, not judgmental because that is detrimental.

There will be more alignment, even closer, with the soul choices of individuals that have common values and goals, and expansion of consciousness, so things should really pick up even more speed regarding karmic outcomes, do not think too much of it because it is already fairly normal in your world.

With christmas approaching there will be much capacity this month for forgiveness, empathy and compassion regarding those around you who have been in turmoil or confusion regarding the recent shifts personal and global. Also learning of trust in another.

When families come together they will be able to appreciate each other much more now because the veil is thinning and the discomfort caused by current systems is apparent. This will allow for recognition of that positive vibration, human love and heart space, everyone has the chance to connect with and recognize this inside of them this month and how they relate to others.
The chance will be there.

For you lightworker, you can be sure that connecting to your inner child and exploration of your gifts will be rewarding. A reintegration of soul, healing, and connecting more with your guides too. You will be learning more about your purpose and those gifts that you have.
Enjoy the temporary chill spaces and the winter outward death, shiva, but inner rest.

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  1. some experimental automatic writing, doing some research on channeling right now.