end of an era 3

2012 summer solstice

Reached the borderlands, crossing over now into a new realm.
The time of dark exploration is behind me.
It has been a cleansing cycle of late, leaving me in silence, emergence from the shadow regions.
Such deep breathing, such calm as never before, so reassuring finally touching down on the real earth.
I have left a persona behind, shed my skin of the karma, paid my dues, all is new and yet this ancient being is also here, the authentic, soul rebel.
The climate has changed for me, the inner vibe has completely changed, some would shrug it off as 'reaching adulthood' or 'maturing' but this is something far more profound.
The control systems no longer have any hold on me, that norm no longer constricting, in the world but not of the world, this has new meaning to me.
So cometh forth the ancient flow of healing and I the silent vessel.

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