10 simple calming tips for the shift

We are well into the great shift now and the new energies are quite powerful, there is alot of spirit expansion available to us if we allow it. Sometimes it can get quite intense especially when our beliefs are challenged or shown to be illusions. Here are some simple things we can be aware of and maybe integrate into our lives that can be a help. In no particular order:

1) Where attention goes; energy flows, so be aware of your thoughts. Thoughts create things.
2) Plants soak up bad vibes, enjoy their company and set them in your rooms and chill-out spaces.
3) Spend at least 15 minutes of every day alone in a quiet place with no distractions.
4) Drink a giant glass of water upon waking in the morning. The water will cleanse the body and flush out toxins.
5) Count your blessings with gratitude. See all the good things that you have and have had.
6) Make a list of all the things you want to create in your life and meditate on it.
7) Disconnect from people and things that leave you feeling empty and disconnected from your soul/spirit.
8) Organic food is healthy and nutritious for your body, it is better for animals and nature and it tastes great!
9) Beware of media and technology, there are forces that wish to control you and enslave you if you let them.
10) Know that you are exactly where you should be, you can relax knowing that you are always guided towards your next step, we all have spiritual lessons to learn, to learn is to grow, know thyself in joy.

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