from sadistic bloodsucking to greener pastures

We carry on eliminating the BS, one second at a time, try to raise our consciousness to silently radiate peace to the world, meditate on courage. Polarity integration is like breathing or eating for us or the heart beating for us. 

As far as we create our own reality abraham stuff, how can the future not be bright, shining, fulfilling for us?

Knowledge protects; we accumulate knowledge and it changes us, the knowing changes our vibe, therefore we create based on what we know, it protects us....spiritually but we must put the knowledge into action somehow, being a passive bipolar in a sick world doesn't help or does it? 

As you were saying life is a bit of a dichotomy at all times, full of paradox, like for example the: do we need to fully get rid of the psychopaths or do we need them? a bit of both right?

or we create our own reality but did children really want to be sacrificed, or raped or starved? uno the first six years are the forming years, we are talking about the years in which a child learns its creation programme or mind is formed.

or we must take action, steps, movement, flow, work but really we don't need to know HOW we are going to get what we want, we don't need to be preoccupied with HOW we are going to do anything, our positive, pleasant vibe is enough. 

Work is joy, actions are gifts. 

HOW to deprogramme the mind without suffering? Again, the HOW? Apparently we can learn all of our lessons in bliss and happiness, it doesn't have to be negative.

The understanding I think is in the 'knowledge protects' theory/lifestyle/survival and the 'ignorance endangers' themes too.

Ultimately some of us humans do seek balance on all levels and therefore wholeness, completeness, healing and know that it could be so, some of us feel that the convictions/programming/studies that claim that man is naturally violent and self-seeking and its a nature problem, not a nurture problem are BS, and that man has inherent goodness inside, locked away due to trauma from outside forces. I would almost believe however that there are many different dna/breeds/types/mutations/genetic manipulation and that there are some f***ed up strands all mixed in there, one big juicy mess of polar opposite forces all tangled up.

Anyways being a soul-rebel uno, I speak rather the shamanic language, I look at the soul of a man, I speak to the spirit of man and I pass judgement but with a comforting nod or wink, for truly all is not lost.

Do the masses, fellow human beings all get destroyed? Whose soul lives on? The organic portals or those lacking soul potential or STS polarized do they get stuck or split? Do the 'generally 'good' people with STO potential do they transition to greener pastures?

So every one answer in this life is like a thousand new questions and so in order that we stay tuned into this frequency to be able to experience this physical life we jolly well need our ego or we would just burn, just go insane. Seems some negativity is grounding us or something, like the ego can control us, the me, me, me mode comes forth from survival fight or flight due to impending trauma from living life with the elements, roving beasts, diseases, pain, hunger, war, NWO, PTB etc. Who wants us stuck here on earth and why? 

Yes, life on earth can be paradise, it truly is at times, often pretty ok actually but still, we are like cattle to them, we are their prey, they feed on our negative emotions. We (all) are stuck here on earth like a fly that landed on the planet for a quick taste/sense, then the spider came to suck us dry, and we could have buzzed off quickly to a new system but we got trapped, stuck in a web of lies, hypnotized by the beast, it wants us alive for sadistic bloodsucking, but really, really, we can escape, we have wings, we can fly the solarsystem.

So I realized that I have been stressed, so stressed about my situation, fight or flight that I was not able to see the redemptive light.
The body says STOP! ultimately, the body is the 'enough is enough' shut down system, the body is amazing, such a brilliant, beautiful and compassionate one. The body speaks a language too. It says: I love you, I will endure for you, I love you enough to die for you and I will kill you if you fuck around for too long and don't listen to what I'm telling you.

Don't mind my musings, hope they amuse you.

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