depriving the emotional centre of its proper energy?

thc, in my experience, moves fine energies to the intellectual and instinctive centres and away from the emotional and moving centres. effect on the creative impulse was neutral.

upsides - perceptions were more vivid. thinking used more of available knowledge base and was more discerning. downsides - emotions and movement were most likely to be experienced intellectually and instinctively. true emotional drive was dampened, i tended to recede into my mind, interaction with outer world was reduced.

for me, the substance was useful for putting together the pieces, so to speak, and for conceiving of what would be appropriate to do, but was ultimately unproductive in that it lead to no real doing, and in certain ways, prevented it.

there is a tendency among those who wish to see differently to dabble, and i cannot recommend one way or the other as it is a personal choice. although i know the positive effects are attainable without chemical assistance. whats more, in light of the mouravieff material, depriving the emotional centre of its proper energy would seem to have serious negative consequences in terms of esoteric development.

this is my experience, for your perusal. and, as always, its subject and open to change.

Birdman on cassiopaea.org/forum smoking is good?

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