the secret force and energetic interaction 3

some answers to the secret force and energetic interaction 2:

Every Entity is bound to the Universal Truth of Cause and Effect which is ultimately, an accountability to the personal use of consciousness energy that they have been given or have stolen from others. Every Entity, human or nonhuman, is responsible for its directional use of life force and therefore is made accountable for the choices they make with their own Consciousness Power from a point of knowing or not knowing. The intention held in a being that knows the Laws and continues to abuse them for his own selfish agendas at the harm, expense and killing of other beings, has a harsh energetic consequence of which to face in the stealing of others energy when they refuse to stop. Many entities refuse to stop their behaviors of harming or killing others even when they have been given the internal knowing. This is a great consequence of feeling pain, as the pain you create is the pain you will be given to heal and transmute. The NAA will be rehabilitated into forms with emotional bodies so they can experience all the pain they have created in others as the result of their actions. This is a benevolent action because we only learn what we have created by having the capacity to feel the actual experiences. We have to feel in order to heal. This ability to feel deeply and profoundly is the process of becoming a true divine human. artificially bent light - energetic synthesis

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