How is a balanced sexual expression even possible?

It seems to me that growth/development could be towards something more balanced and the universe or creative life-force that we are an embodiment of wants us to respect and nurture the masculine and feminine energies and bring them into expression in a balanced way. Yet despite my arduous attempts to align myself with this reasoning I continue to not get any tangible results at all.

I feel that people, especially men need better role-models and have the whole forces of media against them, especially sexually.

My struggles to become more balanced have not achieved anything honorable, in any sense, because the physical and emotional needs that I have are not met at all. (Right now it seems that way). It doesn't seem to matter which way I go on this, the middle road at any rate has not turned out to be very rewarding (so far) with the sexual desire thing.

There just doesn't seem to be a viable alternative when it comes to sexual expression, I have worked incredibly hard to understand how I can be of more service to others or have I not?

At the end of the day we have bodies, senses, expressions, drives and sexual desire/needs; so suppression is not the way and yet if those needs are not met in any kind of loving way by another, what then?

They can be taken care of and met by the self in a loving way.

How to not get frustrated?
I'm sure most people want and need intimacy, so why do they run and hide at the first glimpse of it?

It seems to me that growth/development just isn't that balanced, at least not in a way I understand it. Most expression is apparently chaotic and loathes respect. Reality asks of us that we change continuously and no-one ever said that happiness is the way except the Dalai Lama.

What if I let compassion and courage think and speak on my behalf?

What if my thoughts and words were really instruments of revelation and empowerment?

Thanks astrologer coach for the questions.
I listen now for answers.

Transform my thoughts, rearrange my energies.

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