perspective and power

Perspective is a magical product of the mind. It can free a man from the prison of the present, from the past and its insinuations and yet allow these two things to provide hope for the future. To live in the present is important but how without perspective? Perspective has provided me with a sort of confidence without which I would be reduced to something quite different than the man I feel to be today, not lesser, I’m sure more materialistic and ignorant though. It is in my nature to draw power from personal insight relating to mankind as a whole rather than draw that power from others as individuals or myself in contrast to individuals. Power is the wrong word. Power always corrupts and I want nothing to do with it. What must I do though on discovering a great source of power within myself concerning others and mankind as a whole? When power is used through a will to do good, it will still corrupt. There is no escaping this corruption unless human nature itself can be escaped…

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