You are not pretentious or too busy with yourself, you just listen to me as I spew, as I describe the insides of family ties, the nets that envelop me. You are an independent factor in my life, someone without subjective value and that is what I admire about you. Plus: the fact that all these things are relative to you who are familiar with the trials of life. You listen with both ears, allow pauses, and allow me time to adjust. You give me space when I call you after months. I know straightaway I can let go and just talk about those things that are haunting me right now and that you listen and know because you have been there. A friendship like this is precious because there is a knowing, here is trust, there are no forms, no values, no facades. There are open fields through open windows. Quite astonishing to realise you are here, to experience this connection however moment oriented for me: it stands timeless, it is vast, it spans lifetimes, it goes beyond human thought and as I go on and on, stricken with circumstances, you just listen and offer nothing but love. If anything will make anything better, it will be love.

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