language of isolation

I write this as the sun sets behind the house opposite from mine and the people I know sink further and further into matter. I feel I am stuck socially because I care not for such limits; the parameters of systems. I feel zero motivation to take part in the game, yet I am lonely.

Can there even be a meeting of two or more that leave the conditions and outdated routines behind, just to contemplate the vastness for a little while?

I would just want to be human together without 'the world' intruding and controlling.

Although it is not my job to be moral nor am I particularly so inclined, let alone to judge another, I seek to be soulful in thought and action, so to connect fully with my surroundings. Forgive my romantic nature, it is unrealistic maybe, impractical surely.

I would understand: that all is well in my world.
Who will join me here?
You must live up to my high standards. They are not harshly out of reach, only invisible to the naked eye, fluid, ethereal. I speak the language of the soul. Sounds foreign to the people I know, I find myself conversing in the coarser common tongue.

Please show me how to appreciate matter better, that I may communicate with them, so that I maybe can vibe with someone. This disconnected experience is crushing me. Not for lack of nice people, they are here. It is the lack of 'soul family'. I care not for these conceptions, structures, systems of control, not complicit in deception.

I go through life feeling like a complete alien here on earth whilst overactive in my internalized intuition and the imposed structures mean nothing to me with my externalized projection.
How they adhere to this tradition of persecution is beyond me, yet I have to change and adapt to this code.
What balance? Between living and dying the world is gained and the soul lost.

The world is the world. People will always be people.

This isn't so much about them as it is about you; the witness. It is your perception that you interpret and act upon, behave by, learn from, enjoy. There are those that are relearning the language, there will always be enough to get by on. You can speak your truth, in fact; you will never be able now to do otherwise.

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