notes on the shadow self

I think everything comes down to personal preferences.
Karma is not a moral dynamic, morality is a human creation, the universe does not judge.
Each experience that you have and will have upon the earth encourages the alignment of your personality with your soul.
If I let these words sink in then I can get a nice glimpse of the perfection of it all, the magnificently orchestrated.
My mind waits in anticipation of that moment when it will know all the answers but my heart already knows that it alone can comprehend the fathomless depths of this existance because of it all being somehow a unity.
We experience what we require.
A contrast between likes and dislikes can be good because it can allow us to know what we want in life and to show us what could be better.
I know when I experience something that leaves me feeling disconnected that there is room for improvement somewhere.
It is because of the shadow that we even know:
There is no fear when love is near.
There is no judgment here.
Love contains infinite possibilities and it cannot be contained.
There are no limits to the happiness available to me right now.
We are everything, all of it, we are the light, we are the dark, every part of it is who we are.
The so called issues I have are here because I am ready to handle them and learn from them.
Frequency can shift.
Vibrations will lift.
There is no such thing as 'stuck' or 'being stuck' only something that I don't want to look at, observe, be present with. 
stuck, sticky, blocked = interuption, frustration, distraction, boredom = not wanting to be present in the body, resisting the calm, an opportunity for growth and movement. 
Wisdom comes to us in the things we (our personalities) often believe we do not want.
Everyone has light!
All are divine!
Accept and love all shadow.
The shadow shows us what we need, it shows us how, it shows us our power.
Allow me to learn your language.

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