narcissistic projection and energetic interaction

It's not that I want to get into someones head and do a control trip on them, to overpower them or abuse their personal (psychic) space rights, I don't want that!

I would certainly not like anyone imposing themselves negatively upon my aura/thoughts.

Vibes/energies that are exciting/uplifting/thrilling to me though?
Now that is a different deal in my opinion.

On some level (intuitively) I have this figured out and it seems to happen easy. Telepathy is natural for me. It's just where to draw the line with this and not turn it into some kind of narcissistic projection project.

Then there are the protection understandings. The maintanance of a strong, healthy aura through physical and mental health. The way protection is granted to all who do not abuse their bodies and minds.

DNA activation, some parts of our brains/consciousness are still dormant, it is possible to use telepathy with all living things, especially humans and we do all the time, we communicate continuously with each other. There is really little to hide but for the sleeping and unconscious mire that we impose upon ourselves during this human experience. (for the contrast/for the game/school)

I am in a somewhat narcissistic state if I believe any ability or function or consciousness is all my doing and I am therefore better than...or if I need any kind of approval or attention (projection) from another based on percieved self-lack/insecurity.

No, quite the contrary; for me there is no 'ability' or energy 'work' without great reverance, knowing too that this is my experience, self absorbed, for now, yes, comes part and parcel. Later on reiki more.

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