yes on the sending of psychic energy:

It brings to mind all kind of associations with witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, and black magic. You can understand why i am interested in possession, entities, mind control and other psi related phenomena because of the strong correlation between my experiences and what i have researched.

The information out there, up till now has not been fully satisfactory to me and it is a somewhat shady subject matter, not scientifically provable or properly documented; the shadow realms. The new age handles this phenomena rather superficially, I have yet to meet someone who can relate properly to the ethics involved.
I do have a basic understanding of how the energy mechanics work, how energy is transfered, it seems this ability comes rather naturally to me.??

For example; it is possible for me to impress certain thoughts and vibrations onto someone without their consent and plant certain thoughts into their consciousness and even have them act a certain way, and even if they don't like it, they cannot block this, it stops when I stop. In other words I am overriding the free will of another. ?
What are the consequences? Every action has a re-action.

Is this some form of parasitic behavior? Will I experience a negative boomerang effect? like psychic issues later, how well protected am I energetically? It really makes me stop dead in my tracks sometimes when I realise what i am capable of. !!! fear comes up and always some sort of conscience.

Almost always the subject/reciever is enjoying the attention and for the first time aware of the uncanny, otherwordly for me normal, happenings.

Then this phenomena also brings to mind associations with prison planet, mass mind control, secret governement, tv, advertising etc, nwo, it seems most people are energetically not protected, unwillingly giving their power away, open to psychic control (spiritual control).
Where does free will come in? Was darwin right after all: survival of the fittest??? :( Thought police indeed.

You said in the e:

i was also inspired to resurrect an idea i had toyed with a few years ago, about each person having their own domain, or empire, and that imposing one's ideas upon another, upon the world, was a kind of imperialism albeit born of personal desires, not that of the state. (what is the state version of it other than the collection of individual wills?)

This makes sense!

There is sphere of influence, aura, of powerful minds. the more conscious one is, the more power one has? and the more power one has, the more responsible one must become.
Integrity then comes into play (free will) because one may use the power to further ones personal empire born from personal desires or further ones empire born from heart space/compassion based, to further mankind, alleviate suffering etc.

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