the darkness was a process of releasing, the night was a blessing

Back again:


For many years I asked and prayed for relief and it has been dark but now there is an emerging clarity. Now I see that I have been getting and receiving all I had asked for, the darkness was a process of releasing, the night was a blessing.

This morning I look towards the dawn and know I have come through it, I now have the strength to relinquish; I am shedding the layers of fear that have built up through the years. Without the changes within I am useless to the world, without the guidance bringing about the crisis I would have been stuck in self-indulgence. Keep collecting experiences but relax in the higher vibrations once more.


Last weekend was a reminder that when we are ready, when we are up to the task, our souls will deliver. Yes, a truckload of misery, trauma, abuse and lack of self worth from the depths of the sub-conscious will get dumped on us.

It is time to release the pain that we carry, we have to take an honest look at ourselves in order to move forward. We always think it's all gone afterwards but good to know now that there is always more, so be prepared because it can come out of nowhere.

We come to this place; where we have outgrown our drama and  the coping strategies that we have used for life have become outdated. Through a trial by fire we come to realise we are ready to ditch the behaviours that no longer serve us, shedding the skins of many years of numbing out the pain.

When it hits it can be overwhelming, it can scare the shit out of us but we are older and wiser now, it takes courage to surrender but we are ready. Then as we emerge from the darkness, we see that we are able, we are capable, we are strong enough and we are worthy. We are exactly where we need to be: purified, uplifted, and back on track in a whole new way.

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